The Need for ETBN

As Christians we are a threat to those forces which seek to exert their ideology on America. Those of us who oppose these forces are called small and narrow-minded bigots; bullies who want to force our antiquated view on everyone, based on an old bronze-age antiquated book. This dedicated effort has altered, even perverted the very fabric of American life.  This nation, The United States of America, which once stated with great pride and conviction, “In God We Trust”, is rapidly becoming a nation of unbelievers.  Within a relatively short period of time, those values once considered our “core values”, are held in repute and rejected by an untaught and unappreciative generation of Americans.

If we are to persevere and interdict these issues, we must be innovative and assertive. We cannot continue to allow propaganda disguised as news, socialism and secular humanism disguised as commentary, and perversion and abomination disguised as alternate life-style education infiltrate our various modes of communication. ETBN will present another relevant voice.

Consider the fact that we have a generation who never knew ‘black and white’ television, never saw the TV station sign-off, and the national anthem played. A generation which has always had access, provided by media to nudity, perverted lifestyles, profanity, atheism, and desecration of government figures and institutions.  A generation who has never prayed at school; who are given a choice to recite or not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance; and those who can learn about Mohamad, Buddha, and Gandhi . . . but not Jesus. In essence, we as a nation are daring to test the validity of what our Lord and Savior said first, and what Abraham Lincoln and others have said since; “A house divided against it will not stand.”

Protecting Our Future

On our watch, our children are targeted. From their earliest and most impressionable years, they are subjected to messages subliminal often outright overt, which seek to undo or prevent constructive and conservative upbringing. Many of the major movie studios, even those who were once beloved and trustworthy, have tested, and produced programing which violates the basic concept of life and family. Today, our children and grandchildren are bombarded by with messages which are part of a sinister and demonic agenda.  The media’s intent is not to entertain, but to entangle – commentary but confusion. These are vicious and selfish adult messages neatly and covertly delivered in juvenile, trustworthy voices. The intent being to distract the child’s attention away from the sovereign authority of the parents and insist instead the that independent will of the child be respected.

Damaged Childhood

Careful examination will reveal the winning tactic of the “child-like adult and the adult-like child”. This messaging is so effective, because it puts the child on the level of an adult, equal to them intellectually and even socially superior.

Children at earlier and earlier ages are choosing alternate gender identification and the liberal courts are determined that have that right. This is a generation addicted to technology; tech gurus are their Messiahs, the Internet is their God, and their true family are those found on social media.

We have raised the most spiritually illiterate and most historically illiterate generation in the history of our nation.  Casual observation will reveal that these neglected and mis-educated souls can neither tell who Jesus Christ is or who George Washington is, and their significance in history.

This is one of the most volatile, litigious, and divisive times in the history of our nation.  This past decade has truly been incredible.  The political, academic, corporate, and even spiritual atmosphere has become so contentious, corrosive, and combative that it seems that we are a nation at war with itself.  The total lack of civility and even common courtesy has been initiated and aggravated by the current media outlets.  A media which has become the willing puppet of social and ideological engineering.

At no other time in the life of this country, have we been so callous, and accommodating to those forces that seek to destroy, and alter America as we know it.  No honest and intelligent observer can say that we are on a path which will ultimately make us stronger.  No patriot or citizen who has sacrificed life, limb, and treasure to preserve this Republic would say with conviction, that we are on a course that will ensure the survival of our way of life for another generation.

As a matter of fact, we shutter as a, short-sighted, and self-serving media proudly broadcasts every disrespectful desecration of our flag and other American symbols. There has never been a time in our history that vehement and vocal hatred for anything American has been so loud and pervasive.

Response Objectives - Mission

The mission of the Eternal Truth Broadcasting Network (ETBN) is to build and manage an international network that will approach the marketplace with programming produced from a holistic, godly, and conservative perspective. Considering the afore stated summary, including the disturbing and discouraging facts within, we will position ETBN to have maximum impact. ETBN will present spiritual and family programming, local and national news, business, and political programming, all guided by a biblical and conservative orientation. Our programming will be diverse and sensitive considering all legitimate demographics. However, the message will be the same to all, and will not be compromised by current media norms and political correctness.